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Super Lolita!

Today I went to DC with Girlfriend and I was discovered by the blog Humans of Washington DC!

I had so much fun talking with the blow runner. He is a great guy…we chatted about Beethoven and other fun things!

He asked me for a “fun fact” so I told the story about how I learned a valuable lesson in the English language:

Until I was 12 years old, I believed that a “sheep” was called a “shoop” and the word “sheep” was for more than one “shoop”.

I went to Ireland when I was 12 and spoke with a man who raised sheep - I told him that one shoop in particular was very cute. To say the least that day, I learned a few things about the English language and how certain words are formed.

It was soo windy so my hair is awful but it was still a great day. Coord rundown:

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Jacket: Alice and the Pirates
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Boots: Secret Shop

Today I wore Lolita! It’s been a while and the weather is gorgeous so I put some on. It feels goo to be in frills again.

Skirt is Meta and cardigan is Infanta. All else is offbrand.

Also selling this Candy Threads skirt!

$40, not including shipping. I am located in the United States and will ship anywhere!

Please message me if you are interested! Candy Threads is an indie lolita brand. This skirt is very cute, lined, and good quality. It’s fully shirred so it’ll fit a wide variety of waist sizes! :)

First and second pictures are very true to color, third picture is a worn picture. Can handle probably small to medium sized petticoat.

Hi everyone :)

I am selling this Bodyline skirt!

$30, not including shipping. I am located in the United States…message me if you are interested! I am also accepting offers because I just want this gone :)

It’s a really good quality Bodyline piece, with nice lace and thick fabric. The skirt will hold a medium-large petticoat. It is a bodyline M and can probably go up to about a 30” waist.

First image is stock, second image is a worn picture in natural lighting, and a third is a detail pic.

This blog is full of cute things and lolita fashion.

This is also my personal blog so there may be the occasional out of place post.

My name is Stephanie, I am 24 years old, and I live in an old Victorian house with a crooked toilet and a lazy ghost. This is my blog.

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