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Super Lolita!

I will do this at a convention one day.

The most I’ve ever done is “Intermediate Mode”


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    Perhaps I’ll give this a shot one day. Maybe.
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    LMAO @ CATCH AN STD Pretty sure i’ve beaten this before.
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    ^^^^^ yes, the way to have fun at a con is not being such a piece of shit.
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    ^^^ This. I mean, I love this in theory, but oh god, so sleazy!!! Con sex is fun, but should be a bonus! Way too many...
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    Ugh. Why would you ever sleep with someone you met at a con? I mean, like, during the con and only for the con? (Kudos...
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    No. This is shit because groups getting hotel rooms are usually big already and have already worked out who’s paying...
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    I hate this list. Maybe it’s because I’m not 16 any more and I just go to cons to chill out with friends and take in...
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    Can you imagine this being a reality TV show?
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