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Super Lolita!


Forgot to upload this coord, oups xD it was a little bit random. Kind of vanilla, banana, strawberry shake stuff themed? I don’t know xD just tried it on to welcome the spring time ^_^


The maiko (apprentice geisha) Fukuya prepares to open the Reitaisai Hono Buyo Festival at the Heian Shrine.  Dances were performed by four of Kyoto's five kagai (geisha) districts in dedication to the arrival of spring.  Text and photography by Michael Chandler (momoyama) on Flickr


This silly cat thought he could hide in my closet!


Kimura Yu’s Kokokim Shop Launch at Shibuya109
Photo from Tokyo Street Fashion KAWAII-PATEEN


My own custom designed dress from Lady Sloth 

Everything else is offbrand

thought I would share this for myself anyway


Super casual outfit to visit Fairytale Boutique. It was pretty warm today.


JSK- Angelic Pretty

Cardigan- Liz Lilsa

Necklace- Emily Temple Cute

Shoes- Dream V

Bag-Oscar de la Renta for Target

This blog is full of cute things and lolita fashion.

This is also my personal blog so there may be the occasional out of place post.

My name is Stephanie, I am 23 years old, and I live by myself in an old victorian house with a crooked toilet and a lazy ghost. This is my blog.

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